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150 Years Copper Edition Rubber Edge Broom with Super Soft Bristles

Rubber Edge
Beldray 150 Years

Celebrating 150 years of Beldray, this grey and copper edition rubber edge broom is great for sweeping up dust and dirt from flooring. Complete with a rubber edge which protects furniture and walls whilst cleaning, it has super soft bristles that guarantee to have floors sparkling without scratching or damaging flooring. Ideal for all types of flooring including wood, vinyl and tiled, the handle measures 120 cm so you can easily clean under furniture or in hard to reach areas without hassle.

  • Have you floors gleaming in no time with this Beldray Rubber Edge Broom, perfect for cleaning dirt and dust from hard flooring.
  • Designed with rubber edges at each side of the broom head, easily sweep floors without the worry of damaging the walls or furniture.
  • Great for removing fine dust, dirt and hair, the broom has super soft bristles which will clean your floors without scratching.
  • Ideal for wood, tiled and vinyl flooring, the broom handle measures 120 cm so you can easily clean hard to reach areas without hassle.
  • 150 years and still growing - Beldray are celebrating 150 years of developing innovative products for every room in the home.


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