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6 Litre Air Cooler, White/Grey


Inject some refreshing breeze into your bedroom, office or living room with this simple-to-use air cooler from Beldray. Ideal for stuffy summer days, it has a generous 6 L water tank with three convenient power settings and an automatic oscillation function so you can concentrate the cold air where you need it most. Built to last with a sleek white and grey finish, the 65 W cooler features a hard-wearing all-copper motor and heavy-duty ABS plastic housing for optimum durability.

  • Give yourself some much-needed relief on hot days with this innovative and adjustable Beldray air cooler, featuring a 6 L water tank.
  • The high-performance cooler reaches wind speeds of 8.8 m/s and has a manual up-and-down function to effectively target cold air.
  • It uses water pump sprinkling technology to cool the surrounding air and a 2-piece ice box is included for added convenience.
  • Measuring 28 cm x 69 cm, this compact oscillating air cooler can be placed anywhere around the room without taking up too much space.
  • A trusted British brand over generations, Beldray design innovative housewares to make everyday life run smoother.


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