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Absorbent Cotton Mop, Turquoise

Cotton Mop

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Discover a more efficient way to clean your floors with this fantastic Beldray cotton mop. Featuring a long handle measuring approximately 120 cm; you can enjoy a further reach and clean into tight spaces or underneath furniture without having to strain. The mop is also lightweight and durable allowing you to manoeuvre it around the home effortlessly. It also comes with a highly absorbent mop head which will lock in dirt and grime effectively; leaving your floors with a glorious shine.

  • Keep your floors wonderfully clean with this brilliant Beldray cotton mop featuring an extendable handle for incredible reach.
  • The mop head picks up and locks in dirt, containing it rather than pushing it around the floor, guaranteeing an effective clean.
  • It comes with a removable highly absorbent mop head so that you can keep your mop working as efficiently as possible.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it is ideal for mopping all hard, wood and tiled floors so you can keep your home sparkling clean.
  • Designed with convenience, the long handle measuring approximately 120 cm ensures you can enjoy easy, hassle free cleaning.


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