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Eco Classic Floor Broom, FSC Wood 120 cm Handle


Sweep away the dust and dirt from your home with this wonderfully efficient Beldray Eco Classic Broom. This natural broom is made with a mixed of recycled and new plastic, with an FSC® 120cm wooden handle and recycled PET bristles. Brilliantly strong and kind to the environment and hard floors, this broom is ideal for vinyl, tile and wooden surfaces. With a lovely design this broom has an angle shaped head for hard-to-reach areas giving your home a swift clean in no time.

  • Brush away unwanted dirt and dust from your floors in no time with this fabulous Beldray Eco Classic broom, a must have for any home.
  • The natural FSC® handle measures 120 cm for ultimate comfort as you clean and allows you to reach awkward areas with minimal effort.
  • Clean your home in no time, the angled shaped head ensures the broom is easy to manoeuvre and can easily be stored away after use.
  • Suitable for repeated everyday use, it also has brilliantly strong and lengthy bristles made from recycled PET to combat stubborn mess.
  • An essential for your cleaning cupboard this broom is made from FSC® wood and is kind to all hard floor surfaces and the environment!


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