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Electric Fabric Shavers

Electric Fabric Shaver

At Beldray, we know you care about how your clothes look and feel, and our Electric Fabric Shavers will help you keep them looking their best. Our shavers are designed to give your fabrics a clean look and remove lint, bobbles, and pills from your favourite clothes and cushion covers. This means your clothes will stay looking neat and stylish for longer! Just grip the handle and gently move the shaver over clothes to quickly remove imperfections. 


We understand the importance of having clothing that looks great wear after wear, so your favourite pieces last you for years to come. From your best knit jumper to your smart work trousers, we offer great garment care solutions.


Looking for more ways to keep your clothes in tip-top condition? We have a range of lint removal tools, like sticky rollers and lint brushes that remove fluff, fuzz and pet hair from your home. For even more help for pet owners, our Pet Plus+ range offers the best in dog and cat hair removal, with vacuums, brooms, and dustpan and brush sets.