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Lint Rollers

Lint Rollers

Beldray Lint Rollers are the perfect solution for all your clothing and household cleaning needs. They are ideal for removing dirt, dust and pet hair from clothing, furniture, bedding and more with ease.


Our lint rollers come in both reusable and disposable styles, with short- and long-handled designs so you can choose which one will best meet your needs. For those with pets, our lint rollers are perfect for quickly removing pet hair that can get stuck to your furniture and clothing. For even more help for pet owners, our Pet Plus+ range offers the best in dog and cat hair removal, with vacuums, brooms, and dustpan and brush sets.


The adhesive on our rollers is strong but gentle, so it won’t harm delicate fabrics. Plus, the large surface area makes it easier than ever to remove hair and lint quickly and efficiently. For clothing, our lint rollers are great for keeping it looking like new. You can easily remove dirt and dust from the pockets or seams of your clothes, so you can keep your clothes looking like new. 


For other cleaning solutions, look no further than Beldray. We have a huge variety of products to suit any task, from buckets from our space-saving Collapsible range, to dusters and window vacs. For your clothing, check out our steam irons and ironing boards, as well as our airers and laundry baskets.