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Pet Plus Hair Lifter

Pet Plus+

Pawfect for pet lovers, this Beldray pet hair lifter makes quick work of the fur, fluff and lint that gathers where your furry friends shed. With this pet hair lifter, easily tackle removing lint, dust, feathers and fur from clothing and upholstery. Simply wipe across the surface and let the rubber teeth do the work; gripping and lifting away the unwanted embedded hairs. Simply rinse the hair eraser block for a quick and easy clean and store away.

  • Pawfect for homes with pets, the Beldray Pet Hair Lifter is ideal for removing fur, lint and dust from garments and upholstery.
  • Use the block by simply wiping your clothing and upholstery and let the rubber teeth grip and lift away the hair and dirt.
  • Once used, simply rinse the hair lifter under the tap for a quick and easy clean on all sides and store away.
  • Conveniently quadrilateral, the pet hair lifter features rubber teeth which lift and trap both fur and dust from surfaces.
  • Designed for pet lovers, the pet hair lifter is an effortless way to spruce up clothing or remove pet hair from your car or sofa.


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