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Teal 2 in 1 Climate Cube Heater and Cooler


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Celebrating 150 years of Beldray, this convenient Climate Cube is the ideal addition to any home or office space. Designed with the user in mind, the 600 W unit allows you to switch effortlessly between the two heater levels and two air cooler modes. The 2 in 1 Cube features a generous 500 ml water tank which is great for providing a cooling wind on a warm day. Boasting a stylish teal design, the cube is complete with a carry handle and can be easily manoeuvred around the home.

  • Great for using all year round, this fantastic 2 in 1 Climate Cube from Beldray can be used as either a personal heater or air cooler.
  • Ideal to use at home or in your office space, it is complete with a convenient carry handle so that it can be easily moved around.
  • The cube boasts an adjustable temperature control with two speed settings so you can cool down or warm up to suit your needs.
  • To enhance the impact of the air cooler settings, simply fill up the 500 ml water tank to achieve a colder and refreshing breeze.
  • 150 years and still growing - Beldray are planting a tree for every 2 in 1 Climate Cube purchased, providing a more sustainable future.


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