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Valet Mini Car Bin with Clip | Grey/Blue

Car Bin

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Perfect for keeping your car mess-free and organised, this valet mini car bin from Beldray is a great accessory for your car. Boating a compact size, this handy bin slots seamlessly into cup holders and features a useful clip so it can be held on to the back of your car seat. Ideal for families and those who travel long distance, this bin is effortlessly easy to empty and clean whilst taking up minimal space in your vehicle. With a spring-close lid, keeping your rubbish concealed is very simple.

  • Keep your car immaculately clean and tidy with the mini car bin from Beldray, perfect for collecting rubbish whilst you are on the go.
  • Conveniently designed, this fabulous bin slots perfectly into the car’s cup holders, keeping it securely in place whilst you travel.
  • Use the clip to effortlessly attach the bin to your seat pocket so that wrappers and waste can be easily disposed of, ideal for families.
  • Great for those who travel long distance, the mini bin is extremely easy to empty and clean ready to use again on the next journey.
  • Perfect for keeping your car organised, the spring-close lid on the bin ensures that it is simple to conceal and contain your rubbish.


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