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Carpet Sweepers

Carpet Sweepers

Forget tedious sweeping with a brush - our range of floor sweepers allow you to effectively sweep dust, dirt, and debris from your hard floors and carpets without needing to bend down or collect in a pan. Ideal for removing pet hair from your floor, these handy cleaning tools are ideal for dog and cat owners to keep your home clean and tidy. Our sweepers are lightweight and have been designed with easy cleaning in mind, making them perfect for quick, regular cleans. 


Need a more intense clean? Go for one of our electric carpet cleaners – with cleaning solutions to deep clean and refresh any home. 


Take a look at our steam mops and remove those stubborn stains in a flash. Our collection of handheld and upright floor vacuums gives you the advantage of powerful suction for those heavier dirt tasks, delivering efficient cleaning without fail. 


Beldray has you covered for all your home cleaning needs. Whether you need to polish surfaces, clean the windows, or mop the floors, Beldray has the perfect tools to achieve professional results. For those who want to keep their home and furniture looking like new, Beldray is the answer. With a range of vacuum cleaners, sponges, buckets, and window vacs, we can help you tackle any task in the home.