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Desk Fans

Desk Fans

Beldray desk fans are a great solution for any office, home working setup, or simply to have in bedrooms to stay cool in the heat, giving you a bit of fresh air in the summer.

With a range of different styles and sizes, you can find the perfect table fan for your needs, whether you want to add a modern splash of colour this summer or find something small and compact to keep you fresh overnight, Beldray has a desk fan for you.

Beldray bedside fans are designed with both convenience and practicality in mind; they look stylish on your desk and most come with a range of adjustable features that help you find the perfect balance of breeze strength and temperature. Choose to angle the fan head and select your speed setting for your ultimate comfort.

Desk fans not what you’re looking for? Our pedestal fans are free standing with adjustable heights to suit any space. Or take a look at our portable air coolers to provide relief on hot and stuffy days. For cleaner and fresher air in your home, why not try an air purifier, ideal for removing irritating allergens. Don’t forget to get ready for the colder months too and check out our range of portable heaters to keep warm during winter.

Want to coordinate your home? Why not see our fabulous collections for matching items. For modern style and elegance, see our Rose Gold range, or celebrate Beldray with our 150 Years collection. For pet owners, we have our Pet Plus range to keep your home fresh or take advantage of warm weather with our Outdoor Drying pieces.