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Portable Air Coolers

Air Coolers & Conditioners

Are you looking for the perfect way to beat the heat this summer? Beldray is the perfect solution for those scorching summer days. Our amazing portable air coolers and conditioners will make you feel like you're sitting in your own little oasis. 

Beldray's mobile air conditioners are designed to be very easy to use and conveniently portable – take the smaller models on staycations and the larger units with you around the home. Offering a fully personalised experience with different fan speeds and timer settings, you can ensure your space gets to your ideal temperature. 

With some air cooler fan models even offering humidifying and purifying settings, you can also say goodbye to dry air and hello to a refreshed and comfortable environment. Our portable air conditioning units are sure to meet all your needs and make you and your family happy all summer long. So, if you're looking for a great way to stay cool and relaxed this summer, then Beldray's air coolers are the perfect choice for you.

For other cooling options from Beldray, take a look at our range of fans – choose a smaller desk fan or a freestanding pedestal fan depending on your needs and space. For cleaner and fresher air in your home, why not try an air purifier, ideal for removing irritating allergens. Don’t forget to get ready for the colder months too and check out our range of portable heaters to keep warm during winter.

Beldray offers a whole host of products to make you home cleaner and fresher all year round. From vacuums and mops, to airers and irons, Beldray has everything needed to make life a little bit easier.