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Cleaning Cloths & Sponges

Cleaning Cloths and Sponges

Here at Beldray, we understand the joys of having a beautifully clean home. That’s why we have a cleaning sponge or cloth for every job, to make your household chores that much easier. From doing the washing up, to dusting and polishing, you can find the perfect addition to your cleaning kit whether you’re wanting to perform an intense deep clean or a little tidy up before guests arrive.


Washing the dishes can be a tiresome task, but with our range of dish sponges and scourers you can expect a quick and easy clean of your pots, pans, plates, and bowls in no time. Even tough, stuck-on food is no match for our hardy scouring pads. Have something that needs some real elbow grease? Take a look at our dish and bottle brushes. We even offer solutions for environmentally conscious homemakers with our Eco Range, made from plant-based and recycled materials. 


For effective dusting and wiping down of surfaces around your home, you’ll want to head over to our microfibre cloths. Soft and gentle, yet perfectly capable of powering through dirt, our dusting cloths capture particles in the dense fibres, leaving no trace behind.


Looking for something a bit more special? Our magic sponges are for you. The sponge scrubbers make light work stains and marks and clean your whole home from top to bottom – even working on car wheels and shoes! Simply add water and watch the magic unfold.


Our selection of non-abrasive pads have a whole host of uses, from making your windows and mirrors sparkling clean, to removing dirt and grime from the bathroom, kitchen, and more. To keep your cleaning pads fresher for longer, see our Antibac range for cleaning tools treated with an antibacterial agent.