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Heated Clothes Airers & Warming Drying Racks

Heated Airers

Fed up with damp washing hanging around your home and struggling against the weather to dry your clothes outside? Here at Beldray, we have the perfect solution! Our heated airers are a great alternative to costly tumble drying and dry your clothes faster than a traditional airer in cold weather.


These electric clothes airers are great for preventing the damp smell that comes with slow-drying laundry and have generous capacities for whole loads of washing. They are efficient to run and have folding designs for easy storage between uses. Don’t forget to pick up some pegs to easily hang up your clothes and towels.


We have a whole host of other items to help you with your laundry. Choose traditional indoor airers to dry your clothes, or make the most of days without rain and look at our outdoor washing lines and rotary airers. And for the ironing, we have a selection of irons to keep your clothes crease-free.