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Hot & Cold Fans

Hot & Cold Fans

The perfect solution to keeping your home comfortable all year round, Beldray’s selection of hot and cold fans offers the ultimate temperature control through warm summer days and chilly winter nights. 


Whatever the climate, these handy fans do it all, with both heating functions for warming your space, and cool air blasts for relief in hot, stuffy rooms. With mini models, ideal for bedside tables and desks, to larger units that control the temperature for the entire room, you can be sure Beldray has the perfect hot and cold fan for you!


Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Beldray has a whole host of heating and cooling options for every home. Take a look at our range of cooling fans and choose between desk fans and pedestal fans to suit your space. We also have larger portable air conditioner units for a tougher approach to hot, summer weather.


Don’t forget about our air purifiers that offer a breath of fresh air throughout your home by removing allergens from your environment – great for allergy sufferers.