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Ultimate Products UK LIMITED

Cookies Policy

1.0     Who are we?

Beldray is owned by Ultimate Products UK Limited’s (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) registered office is at Manor Mill, Victoria Street, Manchester OL9 0DD, and we are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 05432142.

We are registered on the Information Commissioner's Office Register of Data Controllers under registration number ZA269152, and act as the data controller. Our designated contact for data protection is our GDPR Company Representative, and contact details are available at the foot of this notice.

2.0     Web banner advertising

If you visit our websites, you may receive personalised banner advertisements whilst browsing other websites. Any banner advertisements you see will relate to products you have viewed whilst browsing our websites on your computer or other devices.

3.0     Cookies on our website

Our websites use cookies to collect information. This includes information about browsing behaviour by people who access our website, the pages viewed and the customer journey around our site.

You can remove or disable cookies at any time - see below for further information.

     3.1     What are cookies?

Like most websites the Company website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other devices (such as smart ‘phones or ‘tablets’) as you browse this website. They are used to ‘remember’ when your computer or device accesses our websites. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our websites and to improve your web browsing experience.

     3.2     What Information is collected?

Some cookies collect information about browsing and user behaviour when you access this website via the same computer or device. This includes information about pages viewed and your journey around a website. We do not use cookies to collect or record information on your name, address or other contact details. We can use cookies to monitor your browsing behaviour.

     3.3     How are cookies managed?

The cookies stored on your computer or other device when you access our websites are designed by The Company, or on our behalf, and are necessary to improve your use of our site.

     3.4     What are cookies used for?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are:

  • For technical purposes essential to effective operation of our websites, particularly in relation to site navigation.
  • To enable The Company to collect information about your browsing patterns, including to monitor the success of conveying our information to you.

     3.5     How do I control cookies on my device?

          3.5.1     Browser controls

You can use your web browser to:

  • delete all cookies;
  • block all cookies;
  • allow all cookies;
  • block ‘third-party’ cookies (i.e., cookies set by online services other than the one you are visiting);
  • clear all cookies when you close the browser;
  • open a ‘private browsing’ / ‘incognito’ session, which allows you to browse the web without recording your browsing history or storing local data such as cookies (you should however be aware of the limitations of this feature in a privacy context); and
  • install add-ons and plugins that extend browser functionality.

          3.5.2     Where to find information about controlling cookies

          3.5.3     Useful information

     3.6     What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general the website may not operate as well if cookies are switched off.

4.0     Contacting Ultimate Products UK Ltd

If you have any questions about how we use your personal data that are not answered here, or if you want to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, please contact us by any of the following means:

  • e-mail us at: or
  • write to us at: - Compliance Department, Ultimate Products, Manor Mill, Victoria Street, Manchester OL9 0DD


If you are not satisfied, after attempting to ask us to resolve a dispute, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Further information, including contact details, is available on the ICO website.