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Compact Mops

Telescopic Mops

At Beldray, we take pride in making cleaning easier with our extensive range of Telescopic Mops. Our selection of floor mops offers the best in quality and performance with a whole host of different features for every home. Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen or deep cleaning the bathroom, Beldray Telescopic Mops are perfect for any cleaning job.


We understand that all cleaning needs are unique and therefore we offer a variety of telescopic mops to choose from. From traditional string mops to mop and bucket sets. At Beldray, you’re sure to find an array of telescopic mops to suit your needs. 


All these mops come with adjustable handles so you can always reach the highest corners of your home and clean at a height that’s comfortable for you. Beldray Telescopic Mops are easy to use and come with many features, such as anti-bacterial microfibre heads for a deep clean, or fluffy heads for dusting hard floors. Some have mop heads that can be machine washed and reused for optimal convenience. 


And if you’re looking for an even more comprehensive cleaning solution, try our range of Beldray vacuum cleaners, steam mops, cloths and sponges, and more – it’s simple to find the right products for your cleaning routine.