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Mops & Brooms

Mops & Brooms

Whether you’re taking on the task of a full-throttle declutter or going for a quick once-over, Beldray mops and brooms are your ideal cleaning companion. Here at Beldray, we’re innovators of home care, offering an all-encompassing range of products ideal for making light work of household chores.


At Beldray, we’ve created mops and brooms for a variety of tasks and purposes. Whether you’re scrubbing, sweeping or dusting, Beldray mops and brooms are designed for efficiency. Banish dirt with ease and speed with the power of Beldray. We offer a variety of mop styles to meet your cleaning needs, from string mops to dust mops, be it for hardwood floors, tile, or any other kind of hard flooring surface. For an extra boost of freshness, browse our Antibac range.


Make light work of your spring clean with Beldray as we help make that chore as effortless as possible. Beldray’s range of mops and brooms are reliable and make cleaning a breeze while optimising your time. They also make great additions to any Beldray collection of products, as we also offer steam mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners and more.


Need help with the ironing too? Take a look at our range of irons, boards, and airers – as well as the laundry baskets from our space-saving Collapsibles range. 


Beldray products are built to last and are renowned for being lightweight, making for easy manoeuvrability and an effortless cleaning experience. So make sure that you get the best for your clean and trust in Beldray for all your mop and broom requirements.