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Dish & Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Dish & Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Tackling the washing up can seem a difficult task. Here at Beldray, we have the tools to make cleaning up after dinner a breeze. Our dish and bottle brushes ensure easy removal of leftover food from bowls, plates, pots, and pans in no time. These essential scrubbing brushes make this chore tolerable with hardy bristles that can handle the dirt without you needing to throw in the elbow grease.


With bottle cleaning brushes that are the ideal shape for washing out bottles before recycling, cleaning glass drinking tumblers, or rinsing out vases for fresh flowers, you can find everything you need to keep your glassware sparkling clean.


If you’re wanting something a little more gentle, look no further than our cleaning sponges – perfect for wiping away any mess on your delicate items. Also available in this range are our scourers, ideal for when you encounter stubborn stains or burned-on grime.


For added protection against the build-up of bacteria in your washing up brushes, take a look at our Antibac collection, treated with an antibacterial agent to keep your kitchen cleaning supplies fresher for longer.


Need more help with the washing up? Check out our selection of washing up bowls. And for drying your plates after cleaning? We have handy dish drainers to stack your pots and pans as they dry. You can even save space in your kitchen cupboard with the Collapsible collection, that fold flat for compact storage.