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Sponge Mops

Sponge Mops

At Beldray, we believe the cleanliness of your home should never be compromised. Our sponge mops are designed to meet the needs and expectations of all types of tasks, ranging from light household chores to professional cleaning jobs. Containing durable, absorbent and easy to use sponge heads, our sponge mops are ideal for tackling a variety of tough tasks.


With self-wringing for ease of use, these tough hard floor cleaners are perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen to keep your home beautifully clean. For even better results, take a look at the sponge mops from our Antibac range – treated with an antimicrobial agent to keep the sponge fresher for longer.


For those who want a mop that goes beyond the basics, Beldray offer a selection of more specialised equipment. Our Steam Mops are the perfect choice for bigger messes. Powered by steam and equipped with a removable water tank, these steam mops are designed to make cleaning quicker and easier.


Choose from our range of Beldray Spray Mops for effective and efficient cleaning that meets the highest standards. Our swivel head mops have a 180-degree rotation, helping to reduce the time spent cleaning corners and other hard-to-reach areas, making them perfect for those who want to be as efficient as possible.


For any other requirements, we also stock a wide range of other Beldray cleaning products. From vacuum cleaners to window washers and scrub brushes, you can find everything you need to make light work of your cleaning tasks. Our range of products have been designed to help tackle any mess and make sure your home looks as clean as it can be.


Need help with the ironing too? Take a look at our range of irons, boards, and airers – as well as the laundry baskets from our space-saving Collapsibles range.