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Mop Refills

Mop Head Refills

Are you looking for the perfect way to top up your cleaning supplies and keep your home looking sparkling? Look no further than Beldray! Our extensive range of mop head refills ensure you can maintain a hygienic and clean environment all year round. Whether you want to keep your kitchen floor free from dirt, keep your bathrooms refreshed and clean, or make sure your children's toys and play area are safely sanitized, Beldray has you covered. 


Our mop head refills are the perfect way to maintain a hygienic and germ-free home, while also being able to carry on using your existing Beldray cloth mops, sponge mops, and spray mops. With Beldray mop head refills you can easily attach them to our Beldray mop heads, ready for use on hard floors and tiles. 


Our special Antibac range means you can enjoy a bacteria-free environment and keep your home looking fantastic. We know that everyone is looking for top quality products that are both reliable and great value for money, which is why we have ensured all of our mop head refills are long lasting and durable.


Need more than just floorcare? Beldray provides fantastic cleaning options for your entire home, including window vacs and squeegees to keep your glass surfaces and mirrors wonderfully shiny, buckets from our Collapsible range – perfect for saving space in laundry room and caravans, and brushes and sponges for all your cleaning tasks.


Beldray also offers fantastic products to help with the ironing. Take a look at our range of irons, boards, airers, and laundry baskets to keep your clothing looking immaculate.