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Fluffy Dusters


For all your needs in dusting, turn to Beldray. Our dusters are ideal for all sorts of surfaces, including delicate furniture, mirrors, and windowpanes, as well as reaching into harder-to-get spaces, like bookshelves and hardwood stairs. 


We have a variety of Beldray duster types, from the traditional feather to soft chenille. Whatever your dusting needs, Beldray is sure to have a solution. 


Be sure to also check out the other great range of Beldray products, such as lint rollers and vacuums. With our lint brushes you can easily pick up pet hair and lint from clothing and upholstery – perfect for keeping furniture and carpets looking good. Meanwhile, our vacuums are great for more thorough cleaning of floors. For the home, office and all other areas, Beldray provides dusters and vacuums to keep dust, dirt and mess at bay. With our range you'll have everything you need for a dust-free, welcoming home or work environment. 


Beldray offers far more than just cleaning supplies. Take a look at our fantastic laundry range complete with airers, pegs, and laundry baskets to help get your washing looking great. And to keep your home comfortable all year round, look no further than our refreshing, room cooling fans, portable heaters to get you through the colder months, and air purifiers to keep you breathing easy.