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3-Piece Dusting Kit - Paddle Duster, Triangle Duster and Blind Cleaner

Cleaning Set
No Chemicals

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The Beldray No Chemical Cleaning 3-Piece Dusting Set is the perfect solution for keeping your home clean without using harsh chemicals – you can use just water to safely clean around children and pets. The set includes a paddle duster for hard-to-reach areas, a triangle duster for corners, and a blind cleaner for tight spaces. The heads are machine washable and reusable, plus they're absorbent and able to remove up to 99% of bacteria* so you can keep your home clean in a safe, efficient way.

  • Perfect for homes with children and pets, this 3-piece dusting set from Beldray offers superior cleaning without the use of chemicals.
  • With a paddle duster for hard-to-reach areas, triangle duster for corners, and blind cleaner for tight spaces, for an easy clean.
  • Effectively cleaning by just adding water to the dusting heads, the set removes up to 99% of bacteria and germs* for a sanitary home.
  • All 3 heads are crafted from super absorbent microfiber, are fully reusable and machine washable to keep your home dust-free.
  • *Bacteria is held in the cloth fibres until washed. Regularly soak the cloths in boiling water and follow care instructions to ensure a hygienic clean.


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