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Lint & Pet Hair Removal

Lint Removal

We know that keeping your clothes and upholstery free from lint, fluff, and fuzz can be a daunting task, so we’ve pulled together our fantastic selection of lint removal tools to help you out.


For removing piling and bobbles from your favourite jumpers, take a look at our electric fabric shavers that easily defuzz your clothes and upholstery to refresh the fabrics. For help removing stubborn pet hair, our Pet Plus+ collection offers lint rollers and lint brushes to keep your home free from dog and cat fur, lint, fluff, and fuzz.


For other garment care products, we offer a range of irons and ironing boards as well as clothes steamers to keep your clothes looking their best. For the rest of your laundry routine, we have a selection of indoor airers and outdoor washing lines, as well as hangers and pegs.