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Collapsible Range

Collapsible Range

Enjoy the ultimate in space-saving solutions with Beldray’s Collapsible Range. Featuring easy-to-use foldable designs for storage under sinks, in cupboards, or in tight spaces, this collection is ideal for every home. Also, check out our Staycation collection for collapsibles that are great for camping or keeping in caravans; these versatile products are durable and hard-wearing for long-lasting use.


Move your washing from the machine to the dryer or airer with our collapsible laundry baskets, available in a wide variety of colours to suit any home or choose our ‘hip-hugger’ style that sits comfortably against the body to help with heavy loads.


Our collapsible buckets are ideal for any cleaning task, including windows, the car, or use with one of our mops to deeply clean your floors.


Maximise space in your kitchen with the washing-up bowls and dish drainers, perfect for cleaning and drying plates and pots after dinner.


For other ways to save space in your home, take a look at our tabletop ironing boards and foldable clothes airers, for products that work for any home, regardless of space.