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150 Years Copper Edition 2 in 1 Floor and Window Cleaner with Built-in Spray Function

2 in 1
Beldray 150 Years

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Celebrating 150 Years of Beldray, this 2 in 1 Floor and Window Cleaner will look great in any home. Boasting a handy built-in spray function which is incredibly simple to use and a swivel mop head that can even get to those hard-to-reach areas, this cleaner makes light work of your house chores. The cleaner is complete with two mop head pads which are interchangeable to suit your cleaning needs and can be used for to clean your floors or swapped to the squeegee head to easily clean windows.

  • Complete with two mop head pads which are interchangeable, this Beldray Copper Edition Floor and Window Cleaner is great for any home.
  • Measuring 120 l x 36 w x 9.5 h, this lightweight Beldray cleaner gives you a wonderful reach without having to bend over or struggle.
  • Eliminating the need for cumbersome buckets, the cleaner features a convenient built-in spray function which is very easy to operate.
  • Perfect for reaching those hard to clean areas and manoeuvring around furniture, this Beldray cleaners boasts a fabulous swivel head.
  • 150 years and still growing - Beldray are celebrating 150 years of developing innovative products for every room in the home.


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