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3-Piece Pet Plus Lint Roller Set, 60 Sheets Per Roller, Easily Removes Pet Hair

Pet Plus+

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Whether you want to pick up hidden dust from beneath the sofa cushions, smooth over your outfit before you head out to get rid of pet hair or fluff, this pack of Beldray lint rollers will always come in handy. Including three rollers which each supply 60 sheets, simply run over your furniture, carpet and clothes for a quick clean up. Ideal if you want to keep your home looking perfectly tidy or for running over suits before work, the rollers will leave it with an impressive finish every time.

  • This pack of three Beldray lint rollers will keep your clothes and furniture in wonderfully immaculate condition with minimal effort.
  • Perfect for removing lint, dust, hairs and other small fibres, simply run one of the rollers over the area you want to tidy up.
  • Cleverly designed with a removable, peel-off surface, the rollers are also amazing value with 60 sheets per individual roll.
  • An essential if you own pets, leftover hairs which are tricky to get rid of with vacuuming alone will stick to the roller with ease.
  • With a smooth handle which is comfortable to hold, the rollers are brilliantly easy to use and will smarten up your fabrics in no time.


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