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7 Fin Oil-Filled Radiator - 360° Degree Wheels, White


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The Beldray 7 Fin Oil-Filled Radiator is the perfect solution for warming up cold rooms in your house during the colder months. Boasting four 360°-degree wheels, this high-performance radiator can easily be moved to provide the perfect temperature in any space. Its adjustable thermostat lets you choose from 3 heat settings and its thermal cut-out device gives you built-in protection from overheating. Portable and compact, the radiator fits nicely in your home whilst keeping you toasty and warm.

  • Using oil as a heat conductor this Beldray radiator efficiently draws in cold air, heats it and releases it to provide warmth quickly.
  • With a carry handle and easy to move four 360°-degree wheels, the radiator is easily portable to heat where you need it most.
  • Built in adjustable thermostat offers a variety of temperatures and 3 heat settings which you can adjust at your own pleasure.
  • The thermal cut out device provides overheat protection so the room will not get uncomfortably hot, and you can feel safe during use.
  • Great for any home, the conduction heating provides brilliant warmth while operating quietly so you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere.


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