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Here at Beldray, we know that laundry can be a dreaded chore. That’s why we’ve created a range of products to help make this task as simple as can be!


The most important part of any laundry routine is to make sure your clothes, towels and bedding dry effectively throughout the year. For warm and dry days in the summer months, why not choose an outdoor washing line or one of our strong rotary airers, perfect for fresh clothes dried outside? For the winter or our all-too-common rainy days, we have lots of options for drying your laundry indoors. Try a heated airer for fast drying, a classic clothes horse for large loads of washing, or for compact living, we have radiator airers and over-door airers to suit your space. Don’t forget to pick up some clothes pegs to pin up your washing!


To carry your laundry from the machine to the airers, we have a range of laundry baskets and hampers. For the ultimate in convenience, take a look at the baskets from our Collapsible range, that fold flat for easy storage. This space-saving collection also includes dish drainers, washing-up bowls and cleaning buckets.


Now the laundry’s sorted, why not take a look at our other great products? From vacuums and mops to look after your flooring, to bathroom bins and stepladders to complete your home.