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Pet Plus+ TPR Gel Lint Roller with Telescopic Handle


For effortless removal of pet hair, lint and dust from your home, try this Beldray Pet Plus+ TPR Gel Lint Roller. Complete with telescopic handle to remove lint from hard-to-reach areas, the gel of the roller is made from durable TPR which is washable and reusable. By using a gel roller, you can reduce the waste created by traditional single use paper sheets. The Pet Plus+ roller is great for pet owners, and is suitable to be used on various surfaces including carpets, rugs and upholstery.

  • An essential accessory for pet owners, this Beldray Pet Plus+ Gel Lint Roller takes the effort out of clearing away pet hair.
  • Designed to be eco-friendly, the TPR gel roller is washable and reusable, a fantastic way to reduce waste from single use paper sheets.
  • Longer than traditional handheld lint rollers, this unit features a telescopic handle which extends to clean hard-reach-areas.
  • This Pet Plus+ roller also features a built-in squeegee which is perfect for removing pet hair, lint and dust from various surfaces.
  • Ideal for use across thick and thin pile carpets, various rugs and upholstered surfaces such as furniture or curtains.


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