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Arctic Dome Personal Space Air Cooler, 10 W


Measuring approx. 19 x 15 x 19 cm, these two Beldray Arctic Dome personal space coolers are a compact way to achieve immediate cooling. With 4 freezable integrated ice rings for each unit, the Arctic Domes draw in warm air, pushes it through the units, and releases cool air out with a choice of 3 speeds. These 10 W devices are supplied with USB cables and adaptors for convenient power options, and also have red and blue LED mood lights, plus aromatherapy boxes for essential oils (not included).

  • Use this set of two Beldray Arctic Domes to bring immediate cooling relief to personal spaces, with freezable rings and LED mood lights.
  • Integrated cooling rings can be frozen and placed into the units in pairs, offering enhanced cooling whilst remaining lightweight.
  • The Arctic Domes feature 2 LED colour options of red or blue, allowing you to select the appropriate lighting for your personal space.
  • With aromatherapy boxes and 5 diffusion pads, you can circulate the scent of your favourite essential oil (not included) with ease.
  • These units are perfect for using where direct cooling may be required such as office desks, bedside tables, kitchen worktops and more.


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