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Beldray X Breast Cancer Now

Beldray X Breast Cancer Now

30th Sep 2022

Beldray X Breast Cancer Now

This October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re turning pink in support of our partnership with the charity Breast Cancer Now, and the incredible work that they do.

Breast Cancer Now provide life changing care for women and men living with Breast Cancer, as well as world class research to help them advocate for change. Every 10 minutes another woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and although prominent in women over 50, Breast Cancer can affect anyone – any age and any gender. Throughout October, we have plenty of content coming every week to help us all gain a deeper understanding of the impact Breast Cancer can have on our lives and the importance of checking our breasts regularly. 

It is likely that at some point in our lifetime, we will all feel the effects of Breast Cancer, whether it’s through a personal experience or that of a loved one. That’s why, alongside Breast Cancer Now, we are encouraging you to Touch, Look, Check (TLC).

Touch your breasts – Can you feel anything new or unusual?

Look for changes – Does anything look different to you?

Check with your GP – Get used to checking regularly.

Just as you would focus on looking after your family and your home, looking after yourself is equally as important. That’s why we are encouraging you to make checking your breasts part of your regular self-care routine – TLC can be as easy as 1,2,3! 

With your support, we can raise awareness and prevent Breast Cancer from affecting more individuals and families across the UK. But how is the money spent?

£10 – Will buy essential lab equipment such as test tubes and flasks for growing the cancer cells that scientists will experiment on.

£30 – Will fund enough of a specialist nurse’s time to give a person with Breast Cancer the support they need through Breast Cancer Now’s helpline.

£50 – Will provide 500 leaflets for Doctors surgeries in the UK to promote breast checking, and inform about the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer. 

In support of the partnership, our bestselling Airgility Pet Plus + Vacuum has turned pink and £5 from each product sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Now. The cordless vacuum and handheld boast a 40-minute operating time and a 5-hour charge, meaning it’s not just ideal for pet owners, but those wanting to clean the whole house while adding a pop of colour into their lives. With your help, we are aiming to reach our fundraising target of £100,000, so that Breast Cancer Now can continue their vital work in our communities.

*All statistics are taken from Breast Cancer Now’s website.