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Beldray's Home Heating Hacks

24th Nov 2023

Our Home Heating Hacks


Whether you are working from home or spending more nights in as the cold weather creeps in it's more than likely we are all going to spend a little more money this winter trying to keep warm.

Our first instinct is to crank up the central heating when No one wants to spend the day shivering on the sofa or typing an email with frostbitten fingers so how do you save money on energy and heating bills?

Use A Plug In Heater

Beat the cold with the  Handy Plug-In Heater and set the adjustable thermostat between 15 and 30°C. It is great for every home and is available in a 2 pack so you can heat multiple spaces at once.

A plug in electric heater

Dry Laundry On A Heated Clothes Airer

Costing only 7.9p per hour to run, this  heated airer is the perfect alternative to costly tumble drying. With 18 bars that heat quickly to dry wet laundry indoors efficiently; use this for towels and bedding on a rainy day too.

heated clothes airer with towels and garments hanging on it

Relax With A Portable Fan Heater

Add a wonderful warmth with this versatile  flatbed fan heater. It is portable to use in any room and has quiet operation so you can get cosy whilst a warm air flow circulates.

a white portable fan heater

Turn Your Heating Down By One Degree

A simple and small change that can make a huge difference. Turning down the heat on your thermostat by one degree you can save you up to 10% on your annual heating bill.

a scarf on a radiator

Invest In A Free Standing Radiator

Control your heating from your smartphone with these  smart ceramic core radiators and keep your home warm at the touch of a button. Available in 2000W, 1500W, and 1000W these heaters can be mounted onto a wall to suit your space.

a portable freestanding radiator

Wear Layers And Have Hot Drinks

To add some extra heat layering up and having a warm drink should help keep the chill at bay. You can also add a hot water bottle and a blanket too. Watch out that it doesn’t get too cold or you might have frozen pipes to deal with!

a woman sat by a fire holding a cup

Stop Draughts

If you feel a little cold air from your windows and doors draught-proofing strips can help around the frames. Closing curtains can also help to stop the draft in the room and draught excluders on the bottom of doors.

a woman putting a draught excluder in place

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A Note From Us * 

It's important to remember that just because you want to save money on bills doesn’t mean you should stop heating your home completely.

You should keep your home warm enough so there’s less risk of damp developing and potentially making yourself ill. This is also important to keep your home safe for elderly family members and asthma sufferers.

It's important to think about your physical and mental health too. We know that in the winter we don’t get enough daylight and it's easy to feel lethargic but keeping a nice and cosy home during the winter months can do wonders!