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Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer & How to Reduce the Risk

Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer & How to Reduce the Risk

11th Oct 2022

Common Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

Here at Beldray, we’re teaming up with Breast Cancer Now, an incredible organisation that works hard to support those affected by breast cancer. With a staggering 50,000 women being diagnosed in the UK each year, we believe it is vital to support Breast Cancer Now on their mission this October. With regular blog updates every week for TLC Tuesday, Beldray are providing key information on how to check your breasts, promote self-care, and will debunk common myths and misconceptions to set the record straight.

It is likely that at some point in our lifetime, we will all be affected by breast cancer, whether it’s through a personal experience or that of a loved one; that’s why we encourage you to Touch, Look, Check (TLC). 

Touch your breasts – Can you feel anything new or unusual?

Look for changes – Does anything look different to you?

Check with your GP – Get used to checking regularly.

Now, let’s get down to squashing those breast cancer myths.

When it comes to the root of the cause, there are hundreds of theories out there on what to avoid, it’s no wonder we’re left confused! With the help of Breast Cancer Now, we can add some clarity to those pressing questions.  

Is it true that anyone can be affected by breast cancer?

Yes. A common misconception that may surprise you is that men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer which can occur in small amounts of breast tissue. Although it’s more common amongst women, around 370 men are diagnosed in the UK every year. Everybody, no matter what gender, should check their breasts. 

I’m young, I can’t be diagnosed with breast cancer, or can I?

Yes, you can. Women, age 45 or younger, are also at risk. While cancer can be a scary word and checking for lumps may seem over cautious, it isn’t. It is crucial to stay on top of your TLC checks, no matter what age you are. 

Can I develop breast cancer if I bump or injure my breasts?

There is no solid evidence to suggest that injuring your breasts can cause breast cancer. 

Reducing our chances, what can we do?

While many factors linked to breast cancer can’t be changed, there are three important steps you can take to stay as healthy as possible. Those steps include maintaining a healthy weight, limiting your alcohol intake, and completing around 30 minutes of exercise every day. 

Turn Pink with Beldray

In support of the partnership, our bestselling Airgility Pet Plus + Vacuum has turned pink and £5 from each product sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Now. The cordless vacuum and handheld boast a 40-minute operating time and a 5-hour charge, meaning it’s not just ideal for pet owners, but those wanting to clean the whole house while adding a pop of colour into their lives. With your help, we are aiming to reach our fundraising target of £100,000, so that Breast Cancer Now can continue their vital work in our communities.

*All statistics are taken from Breast Cancer Now’s website. 

A Pet plus vacuum cleaner being used to suck up dog hair  A Beldray Pet Plus vacuum cleaner being used with and without an extension tube