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How To Remove Pet Hair with Beldray, Keeping Your Home Looking Truly Paw-fect!

How To Remove Pet Hair with Beldray, Keeping Your Home Looking Truly Paw-fect!

16th Aug 2022

How To Remove Pet Hair with Beldray, Keeping Your Home Looking Truly Paw-fect!

We love our pets, but as any pet owner knows, they can be quite messy. Water spills from their drinking bowls, the insides of stuffed toys strewn across the floor and hair in places you didn’t even know your pet could go; cleaning up after your pets can be quite the task. If you’re struggling to keep on top of your furry friend’s messes, don’t worry, because we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep your house squeaky clean.

Pet hair everywhere and it’s just not fur!

Beldray Pet Plus Gel Lint Roller

There is nothing cuter than a fluffy cat or dog, until they start to shed their gorgeous fur. If you’re finding stray hairs on your clothes, furniture, or carpet, then the Beldray Pet Plus Gel Lint Roller is a lifesaver! Available as a handheld or with a telescopic handle, this handy roller will let you clean all those hard-to-reach areas and keep them pet hair free, how woof-ly! 


To tackle the more stubborn hairs in the carpet, couch, and car, check out the Airgility Pet Plus Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This lightweight cleaning tool includes a motorised floor brush with LED headlights for increased visibility and a motorised pet tool to easily collect hair and stubborn dirt. The vacuum can easily be transported and used for those hard-to-reach places to clean your pet’s mess with ease. 

Muddy paws no more!

Pet Plus TPR Mop and Bucket

If your furry friend is making their mark on your hard floors, do not fret, we’ve got the perfect tools to help you get your clean and shiny floors back. The Pet Plus TPR Mop and Bucket are an essential when cleaning up wet or dry spillages, which means no matter if it’s muddy paw prints, spilt drinking water, or missed food, you can easily get your floors sparkling once more… until the next time your furry companion drags something in and you’re back to square one. 

Squeaky clean bowls? It’s really paw-ssible!

Beldray Pet Sponges 

Our pets deserve the very best, and this includes clean food and water bowls. No one knows where your furry friend’s mouth has been or what bacteria may be floating around in their bowls, so it’s important to keep those areas clean. To ensure there is no cross-contamination with your house cleaning supplies, we love to use the Beldray Pet Sponges. Available in a cat, dog, or paw print shape these cute, yet practical, sponges are fur-bulous for cleaning pet bowls without contaminating kitchen cutlery. Plus, they look adorable