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Long and Short Handled Dustpan and Brush Set

Cleaning Set

Make your cleaning easier with these fantastic Beldray dustpan and brush cleaning sets. The long handled set means there is no need to bend and strain when collecting dust or dirt from floors. The shorter handled set is wonderfully compact, great for limited storage spaces. The bristles are thick and strong ensuring no dirt is left behind for a thorough clean on any hard floor. The lightweight dustpans feature rubber lips for easily transferring dust and dirt from all hard surfaces.

  • This superb Beldray cleaning kit includes a long handled set for easier cleaning so you will not stretch or bend to sweep your floors.
  • While the smaller set is compact and hard-wearing; ideal for clearing dust, crumbs and dirt - an essential tool for any home.
  • Weighing 600g, the long handled dustpan and broom are comfortable to carry for easy manoeuvrability and effortless home cleaning.
  • Measuring 92cm, the long handled broom and dustpan are convenient lengths so you can comfortably reach the floor when stood upright.
  • With thick bristles on the brushes and rubber lips on the dustpans, transferring dirt from any hard surface has never been easier.


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