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Water Fed Car Cleaning Brush


Ideal for deep cleaning your vehicles, this water fed car brush from Beldray is a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools. The brush features a telescopic aluminium handle which conveniently extends to 175 cm, perfect for reaching into those hard to clean areas and achieving an efficient finish. Featuring lovely, soft bristles, the long-handled brush will easily remove grime and dirt without damaging your car. Simply attach the brush to your hosepipe and use the on/off switch to control it.

  • Ideal for deep cleaning your car’s bodywork and windows, this water fed brush from Beldray is the perfect addition to your cleaning kit.
  • Featuring a convenient telescopic handle, the aluminium pole extends from 90 cm to 175 cm for reaching into those hard to clean areas.
  • Extremely easy to operate, simply attach the cleaning brush to your garden hose and use the off/on switch to control the water output.
  • Boasting soft, non-scratch bristles for removing dirt and grime, the brush will achieve a wonderful clean without damaging your car.
  • A handy addition to any household, this Beldray cleaning brush features a universal connector, a suitable fit for most hose pipes.


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